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Cock Blok
Six silicone dildos, 2004

Especially made for the show in a three way collaboration with Jason Wallis Johnson and Babes n Horny, Cock Block (2004) forms the centrepiece, with allusions to the dreamy ceiling paintings of Tiepolo, (less stormy than the Northern skies of Ruisdael - and altogether less real). The dome of heaven cloaks these phalluses, raises or lowers them in a space that it, not they, control. Desire is contained - libido defused. Turnescent in the vault of Tiepolo's ceiling, whose oculus is one with the imagined urethra of this not too solid flesh, which melts (to mangle Shakespeare and Marx) into air. Spears shaken impotently in a void which disdains the male presence.

Studio 1.1 Gallery, London E2
13th Feb to 24th March 2004